A palette of colors, some orange some pink with dash of yellow and somewhere green

that painting was amazing I noticed at the art gallery. It was nice, refreshing and serene.

I loved the color combination that was so lively and bright.

In that lonely corner of the gallery as if it was the only source of light.

I started thinking what’s so special about this that is making me feel so attracted to this?

Is that the portrayal of shining sun or the greens underneath or just that morning bliss?

I was feeling like a kid who would like to enter that portrait to just be there..

so that I could feel that blissful morning and the soothing breeze which I am sure would definitely be there..

I was amazed and excited, I noticed some birds in the sky which was bright yellowish and orange on the background of that light blue

But why my ears were able to hear their chirp which sounded to me a dancing tune.

I was startled, could feel a rush of delight and joy

I am an adult kid who is as happy  as if I have got the most expensive toy.

Wait! what is this the stream of water which was behind the greens started making some noise,

the waves were going up and down and giving a freshness to the surroundings, that was such a lovely river, lively but poised.

The birds, the river, the sun and the sky; the waves, the breeze, the chirp, the water I started actually feeling that all..

I was so surprised.. was I dreaming or it was just the charm of the painting  or my fascination towards it, the enthrall.

I was savoring the magical beauty of the paints which were all over there on the canvas, didn’t want to waste my time in thinking.

If it was my dream I would still not mind as I kept on looking that painting without even blinking!!!!





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