I am a survivor. I am not just a structure of flesh and bones. But I am a thoughtful soul.

I am the doer, the owner, the creator. I am everything that is positive and good anywhere.

This harshness of storm, This heat of summer, These are my tests.

But I have always survived in such hard times and that is why today I am here. I am the best.

I am a winner, a player, a singer, a poet. I am everything that has life. I am the survivor.

Seasons have changed and will always change. People around have changed and will always change.

They play games and they will do that again. But that will not make me weak.

As I am strong enough to face those challenges and raise above all odds. I have the courage to stand tall and survive that petty fall.

Survivors are those who work hard. They turn all the odds to even and that is their art.

They smile and laugh and don’t let others hurt them. They fight back as the king of the jungle and reach the helm.




The magic of paints which made me so awestruck and filled me with excitement.

Source: Paint



A palette of colors, some orange some pink with dash of yellow and somewhere green

that painting was amazing I noticed at the art gallery. It was nice, refreshing and serene.

I loved the color combination that was so lively and bright.

In that lonely corner of the gallery as if it was the only source of light.

I started thinking what’s so special about this that is making me feel so attracted to this?

Is that the portrayal of shining sun or the greens underneath or just that morning bliss?

I was feeling like a kid who would like to enter that portrait to just be there..

so that I could feel that blissful morning and the soothing breeze which I am sure would definitely be there..

I was amazed and excited, I noticed some birds in the sky which was bright yellowish and orange on the background of that light blue

But why my ears were able to hear their chirp which sounded to me a dancing tune.

I was startled, could feel a rush of delight and joy

I am an adult kid who is as happy  as if I have got the most expensive toy.

Wait! what is this the stream of water which was behind the greens started making some noise,

the waves were going up and down and giving a freshness to the surroundings, that was such a lovely river, lively but poised.

The birds, the river, the sun and the sky; the waves, the breeze, the chirp, the water I started actually feeling that all..

I was so surprised.. was I dreaming or it was just the charm of the painting  or my fascination towards it, the enthrall.

I was savoring the magical beauty of the paints which were all over there on the canvas, didn’t want to waste my time in thinking.

If it was my dream I would still not mind as I kept on looking that painting without even blinking!!!!




The City Girl

She was special!!

I would see her almost every day while going to work. She was this confident, independent and successful bakery owner at the corner of Bakers’ street. (No, the name of the street was not because of her.. I am sure :))

I had many times noticed her working, talking to her staff and engaging with her customers (majorly women and kids). But really never got the chance to engage with her in a conversation.

I was a busy executive working in one of the biggest legal firms of the city who has always been busy running to get various things done on time.

Believe me, as a kid I always wanted to be a successful executive so that I could earn enough to buy a big car on which I can roam around in the city and spend my entire day visiting most interesting places. But after all then I was a kid!!

Today I have earned enough and I have a car but do I have that time and zeal to do what I always wanted to do as a kid…..

Many times I would think of stopping by her and have a small chat with her. But may be I was too hesitant to ask her to be a friend. I would always give an excuse to myself for doing that tomorrow.


I was at the door step. She was in pink dress, looking pretty and bright.(Gosh! ) Her golden tresses were making the morning even brighter. She was busy working, may be that is why she didn’t notice me.

“Hello Sir! How may I help?”, the help was asking me. ” We have a wide variety of cup cakes and cookies. We are one of the best cookie makers in the city. Though we are specialized in decorative cakes as well.”

He was almost finished i suppose and was looking for a reply.

I was quiet. I didn’t know hat I was supposed to say. I had come to just say a “Hi!!” probably, but I was not prepared at all on how I will say that.

“Oh! sure! Decorative Cakes!! sounds interesting. Could you help me with that?”

” Sure Sir. Please come this way.”

He showed me the way to a chair, took out some catalogs. She hadn’t noticed me yet. He would spread some big books all over the table and then he asked me to excuse him for a while.

I got a chance to look around and the entire shop was very beautifully designed. I had just finished having the full view of the place and I heard this voice..”Hello!!”


I got up and greeted her. After all I have come just to meet her. To tell her that I have been noticing her for more than 2 years since I shifted to this city and there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t thought about her. To tell her that may be I liked her. To tell her that she is very pretty and her eyes, her golden tresses…

“What is the occasion?”

I was blank..”Occasion?!! How yes, its a birthday party.”

“Whose? I mean a kid or a grown up? We have a wide range of themes you know..”

“Birthday Party of a grown up, who works for a legal firm. May look very serious at times but has a heart of a kid. So even a theme cake for kids may excite him like anything. A cricket pitch, a soccer ball.. no I can’t think of anything fascinating. I am sure you will help me.”

“Sure Sir. I would love to.” She had a smile on her face. I was feeling nervous about what I just said but she didn’t ask who that guy is.. Oh Gosh!

She opened a book and showed me some amazing visuals of theme party cakes.

“Wow!” I said.” I would love to have one of such amazing cakes in the party.”

I started flipping the pages. We started the chat with she introducing her cake designs and me giving her my views. Probably she was already comfortable by now or she has already got the cue that I was talking about myself as kindhearted gentleman.She smiled and picked up one of the most distinctive looking cake and said this is the best that will suit your personality. She was looking very satisfied with her choice and so was I.

“So, when is your birthday”, she asked.

“Umm… Birthday”. She had already guessed that it was I for whom I was choosing the cake. She was intelligent. But my birthday was after 5 months… I was thinking..what should I say.

Now she had her eyes on me and her pen was on the notebook, ready to take the notes.


I was in the shop for almost thirty minutes and I had discovered the real personality of mine which I hadn’t done for last so many years. It was only when I was in college I used to talk to friends about what I want to become…what I like or dislike..; how things should be or my views about things that matter very little in a legal profession.

I was feeling relaxed, happy and child like. I wanted to talk to her and keep sharing my thoughts forever. The way she was responding to my questions, giving me ideas and trying to realize the best dream birthday party for me made me like her more.

She had suggested me some details for party which were so if she knew me for years.

She would listen to me patiently and blend her ideas to make that most wonderful experience. She had a twinkle in her eyes all through our conversation. She had the same zeal as I had for my work. I had already fallen for her.


“So, is that this month?”

“No. Umm… No, not this month.”

Her beautiful eyes were looking for an answer and I was trying hard to hide my nervousness.